Charlottetown police investigating arson involving Pride flag

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Police are looking for this man in connection with the second arson. (Charlottetown Police - image credit)
Police are looking for this man in connection with the second arson. (Charlottetown Police - image credit)

Charlottetown Police have released photos and video of a man they think might have been involved in at least one of two cases of arson that occurred early Tuesday morning.

In the first incident, at 1:26 a.m. according to a police news release, a Pride flag attached to a Sydney Street home was set on fire.

The fire caused some damage to the siding before it was extinguished.

In the second incident, at 2:56 a.m., two witnesses saw a man running away from a home on University Avenue.

"The witnesses saw a cup that was placed on top of an electrical box set on fire," the news release said.

Police are working on identifying a suspect observed on E-Watch cameras in the area of the second arson.


News of the flag burning shocked organizers of the P.E.I. Pride Festival, which is happening this week.

Interim co-chair Lucky Fusca found the timing alarming — and upsetting.

"I am horrified, of course," they said. "I'm heartbroken for the individual who was victimized by this crime. It breaks my heart for the community."

The flag that was burned was on the house of a a well-known member of Charlottetown's LGBTQ+ community.

"It brings a lot of emotions to me, as somebody who's responsible for the planning of this festival," said Fusca, characterizing the arson as "a very sick opportunity for folks to express their internalized hate on innocent members of the community."

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