Check out these four new initiatives that The News & Observer has launched this year

In January, our noses were runny because of the cranky wind and cold temperatures.

It’s nearly April, and our nostrils still runneth over — although we blame pollen season for the sneezy sensation of being less cold than three months ago.

Still, there’s no reason to dwell on the drippy downside. When in doubt, dab it with a tissue.

After all, this is the best of times.

No matter how Easter weekend plays out — I’m writing this column before the we know the fate of all our Triangle teams in the men’s and women’s NCAA tournaments — we are proud of our sports and visual journalists who were in Dallas, Los Angeles and Portland to cover five Triangle teams. It’s evident from our digital audience analytics that you’re paying attention to the coverage.

A timeout here. March Madness doesn’t change print-edition deadlines. But you’re in luck as a subscriber. We’re handling the annoyingly late televised games of Triangle teams with social-media updates, stories after the buzzer and late-news pages in the Triangle Now section of The News & Observer’s e-edition. (If you’re a subscriber and haven’t discovered our e-edition, log in and click on the Today’s e-edition link on the home page.)

And during those TV timeouts, check out four news initiatives that we’ve launched for our subscribers this year:

On any given day, you’ll find a mix of news from across the Triangle and North Carolina. About state government, the weather, neighborhood issues, transportation and infrastructure, environment, healthcare, real estate developments, restaurants, shops … and especially grocery stores.

Check out the work by Kimberly Cautadella Tutuska, David Raynor, Martha Quillin and Drew Jackson in delivering a smart “Price Check” report comparing three popular wholesale clubs. You’ll never have a civil household discussion again about croissants or hot dogs.

But that’s the fun part — the reporting followed by your discussions. One person’s buttery treat is someone else’s dry cake.

Thank you for subscribing.

The variety of N&O content, from serious to silly, delivered in different ways, is meant to reflect your interests and experiences.

So if my nose is runny and my eyes watery … it’s winter or spring or sappy gratitude.

Bill Church is executive editor of The News & Observer.