If Your Child Has Dark Circles Under Their Eyes, This Could Be Why

Annoyed eyes of a small girl affected by conjunctivitis.
Annoyed eyes of a small girl affected by conjunctivitis. SanyaSM via Getty Images

No matter how much sleep I get, ever since I was little I have woken up with dark circles around my eyes. However, it’s actually usually nothing to worry about, according to an expert.

So, if your child is sleeping well and is generally healthy, why do they still have dark circles?

Well, according to Dr Sam Hay, writing for Kidspot, many parents have come into see him, worrying about the dark skin patches. He explains that it’s very normal and that the reason they appear more on younger kids is due to their skin.

“The dark circles are usually associated with a little more blood flow in the veins under the skin beneath the eyes. They’re more noticeable in kids because the darker blood in the veins stands out beneath their supple translucent skin,” he explains.

What plays a huge part is actually genetics. So before parents start blaming their kids for late nights or eating badly, sorry to break it to you, it’s your own genetics that have passed on the dark rings!

Dr Hay says if you yourself suffer from ‘raccoon eyes’ chances are your child might too. He adds: “Genetics will also link to thinner skin, freckles, and more prominent vessels in the area - which may lead to the presence of darker rings.”

But another reason could be hay-fever. The family doctor says allergens play a part in swelling of blood vessels which could give the appearance of dark under eye circles.

Alongside this if you think your child could be nutrient deficient, which also causes dark circles to appear more prominent, it’s important to contact a health professional to tackle their diet.