Chris Martin reprimands ‘aggressive’ fans asking for autographs: ‘Don’t f***ing shout at me’

Ellie Harrison
Chris Martin: Getty Images for SiriusXM

Chris Martin reprimanded “aggressive” fans asking for autographs following a Coldplay charity concert in Los Angeles.

The singer was filmed outside the Hollywood Palladium, shouting: “Don’t f***ing shout at me. It’s so aggressive… either ask nicely, or just f***ing be polite.

“Treat humans with decency. These are all going on f***ing eBay. I always sign at least one each.”

Adding that people should be kind as they don’t know what artists are going through, he said: “I might have family s*** or a s****y gig, which I did have.”

Martin’s ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow, meanwhile, has just premiered her new Netflix series The Goop Lab, which focuses on areas of wellness including female sexual pleasure, therapy and energy healing.

The new show, as well as the release of a candle that purports to smell like Paltrow’s vagina, has been widely mocked online.

Martin is currently dating Fifty Shades of Grey star Dakota Johnson.

The charity concert was for A New Way Of Life, an organisation that fights for women’s rights in the criminal justice system.

Coldplay are not launching a globe-trotting tour for their latest album Everyday Life because of environmental concerns.