Chrissy Teigen Taste-Tested Meghan Markle's New Jam—And Revealed Why She Likely Won't Use It Again

"I'm gonna keep it in my fridge forever."

Meghan Markle's new jam is officially Chrissy Teigen-approved. 

On Wednesday, the Cravings author gave her honest opinion on the Duchess of Sussex's strawberry jam—the first product from her just-launched lifestyle brand American Riviera Orchard—with a new cooking video posted to Instagram. In the clip, Teigen paired the fruity preserves with bread, bacon, and brie cheese to create a mouth-watering grilled sandwich, which was described as "one of the best bites" she's had all year.

"We jammin!!" Teigen captioned her post, aptly set to the tune of Bob Marley's "Jamming." She then offered her rave review of the spread, adding: "This might have been one of the best bites we’ve had all year - all we used is some rustic bread, salted butter, triple cream brie, thick cut bacon and some @americanrivieraorchard jam! took about 8 mins total and made us happy for the entire weekend."



To recreate Teigen's sandwich, begin by cooking several pieces bacon in a skillet and smothering a piece of bread in Markle's strawberry jam. Top it off with the brie cheese and cooked bacon before adding another piece of buttered bread.

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Later that same day, Teigen and her husband, John Legend, attended the premiere of the new Netflix series A Man in Full, where they were asked about cooking with Markle's jam. "That sandwich was, like, incredible. One of the best bites I've had in a long time," Legend said while speaking to Entertainment Tonight. "I want that exact sandwich again."



"It was pretty epic," Teigen agreed—however, she probably won't cook with it again and her reasoning is actually really sweet. "You don't want to use it, because I don't want to lose it," she continued. "So now, I feel like we did the sandwich, and now I'm gonna keep [the jam] in my fridge forever."

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