Christine Quinn alleges estranged husband sent someone to 'spy' on her

Christine Quinn thinks she is being spied on credit:Bang Showbiz
Christine Quinn thinks she is being spied on credit:Bang Showbiz

Christine Quinn has accused her estranged husband of sending someone to spy on her home.

The 'Selling Sunset' star has alleged Christian Dumontet - who is also known as Christian Richard - "willfully violated" the terms of his temporary domestic violence restraining order by allegedly getting an acquiaintance to snoop around the house where she and their three-year-old son Christian Jr. live.

In a court filing submitted on Wednesday (05.06.24) and obtained by People magazine, Christine's attorney entered video doorbell footage of an "unknown man" at the former marital home on 27 May, and documents stated the same person was seen leaving with Christian from a court appearance earlier this week.

The paperwork alleged: “Mr. Dumontet sent an agent on his behalf to the property to effectively spy on Mrs. Quinn."

Christine was not home but was notified of the individual’s presence after receiving “an alert on her cell phone that a person was on her property", having recently installed video surveillance to "ensure that Mr. Dumontet and his agents abided by the terms of the DVRO — to stay 100 yards away.”

The documents added: “She watched an unknown man live from her phone application snooping around her garage and in front of her pool. He was located in an area of the property that was not available to the public.

"Mrs. Quinn did not recognise the person to be associated with Mr. Dumontet; he was a complete stranger."

The 35-year-old beauty was left "terrified" by the incident and is still in possession of the doorball footage, though she hasn't filed a police report.

On Tuesday (04.06.24), Christine saw the same man walking with Christian in pictures published by Us Weekly.

The documents continued: “Upon review of the US Weekly article, Mrs. Quinn immediately recognised the May 27, 2024, trespasser in the photographs. The trespasser was photographed next to Mr. Dumontet, wearing the EXACT SAME outfit that he was wearing when he trespassed.

“There is no dispute that this trespasser is an agent and/or associate of Mr. Dumontet.

"The May 27, 2024, trespassing is a clear violation of the DVRO by Mr. Dumontet and constitutes contempt of court. Mr. Dumontet knew he was not permitted to be at the property, and sent his agent there to spy on Mrs. Quinn nonetheless.”

Christine doesn't plan to press contempt charges at the moment but stressed she will if the alleged visits continue.

The filing added: “Mr. Dumontet is forcing Mrs. Quinn and their son out of the marital home by fear of strange men coming and going as they please. She does not feel safe living there. Thus, Mrs. Quinn will set a future hearing date should these violations continue."

Christian's lawyer accused Christine of making "wild allegations".

Alexandra Kararian told People: “This pattern of wild, seemingly paranoid allegations against Mr. Dumontet evidences an obsession that is highlighted by Ms. Quinn’s multiple filings alleging that she has been unable to locate him and has not heard from him since March."