Colin Jost & Michael Che Completely Break In ‘SNL’ Joke Swap Tradition: Kendrick Lamar, Scarlett Johansson, Comcast & Space Lasers Mentioned

Colin Jost and Michael Che continued their Saturday Night Live “Weekend Update” tradition of swapping jokes and writing zingers for each other to say.

Che started by saying that the last time he tricked Jost into thinking he had invited a civil rights hero, “and that was low. So to make it up to you this time, I invited an actual, practicing rabbi.”

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Jost started off by addressing the Jerry Seinfeld commencement speech at Duke where students were seen walking out.

“I think that’s disgraceful. During these difficult times it’s important to support our Jewish friends. That’s why the only chant you’ll hear from me is, ‘Free [Harvey] Weinstein!,'” Jost read.

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Che had another joke about Jost’s wife, Scarlett Johansson. This time, the joke revolved around ChatGPT releasing a voice assistant inspired by the film Her, which Johansson starred in.

“I’ve never bothered to watch because without that body, what’s the point of listening?” Jost joked.

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Jost then added, “So, rabbi, if you’re here, who is controlling the weather?”

Jost was seemingly trying to start beef between his “Weekend Update” co-host and Kendrick Lamar after the rapper and Drake sparred.

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“Kendrick Lamar! Nooo!” Che said as he started to read. “Your war with Drake may be over but your war with Michael Che is just beginning. So, to quote Hamilton, shoot your shot player.”

Che gave Jost props, telling him, “That was pretty well done, man.”

Jost read the following joke and asked the rabbi to “be a mensch” by handing him a puppet to tell the next joke.

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“It was reported that Comcast, the owners of NBC, told MSNBC to curb their criticism of Israel, and if they don’t, we’ll hit them with our space lasers,” Jost read and completely broke.

Watch the joke swap in the video below.

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