Colin Makpah says he stabbed Donald Gamble three times

Colin Makpah leaves the Nunavut Court of Justice in Iqaluit on May 13, 2014.

A man charged with manslaughter testified in his own defence in an Iqaluit courtroom this morning.

Colin Makpah, 29, is accused in the death of Donald Gamble, who died in August 2010 in Rankin Inlet.

Makpah has pleaded not guilty.

In court this morning, Makpah said he stabbed Donald Gamble three times.

The first time, he says, he was scared because Gamble was fighting with Abraham Nakoolak and was in a rage.

He says he stabbed Gamble a second time when he wouldn't stop fighting.

Then Makpah says he stabbed Gamble a third time, dropped the knife and ran out of the residence.

Makpah went to a neighbour's house where a light was on to use the phone.

He says he tried to call an ambulance twice, but says he got no answer.

Makpah says he then went to his mother's house, went on Facebook and told his girlfriend, now his wife, what he had done.

Makpah says he also chatted with Abraham Nakoolak to get an update on Gamble's condition.

Then he went to sleep.

It was only the next day when police came to arrest him that he learned Gamble was dead.

Makpah told the court he was shocked, and that he didn't think he had stabbed Gamble hard enough to kill him.

In their cross examination, the Crown focused on why Makpah had a knife in the first place. He responded that he used it as an intimidation tool.

Makpah maintains he didn't use full force when he stabbed Gamble. He says he just wanted to hurt him so he would stop fighting.

The Crown also asked Makpah why he didn't contact the RCMP or the health centre, if he was worried about his safety and the safety of others. Makpah responded that everything happened so fast, he wasn't thinking straight.

The Crown and Defence will submit their written arguments to Justice Neil Sharkey. They then will present them in person at a later date.

The matter will next be spoken to in court on July 14.