Give Conor McGregor a ‘Road House’ Spin-off, Please and Thank You

Give Conor McGregor His Own “Road House’ Spin-offKate Green - Getty Images

This story contains spoilers for Road House (2024).

In 1989’s Road House, Patrick Swayze spends the action flick mowing down his opponents like they’re made of paper—until, at least, an adversary can finally go toe-to-toe with him. Naturally, um...Swayze rips his throat his out.

Moving on! Thankfully, the newly reimagined Road House cuts those plot points—including the throat ripping—for some more formidable fights. About halfway through the Prime Video film (which premieres today), leading man Jake Gyllenhaal faces off against real-life UFC fighter Conor McGregor. Though he’s more of a mini boss than a main villain, McGregor’s character, Knox, steals the show.

Luckily, since the new Road House removed the original’s instant-death move, it means that Knox doesn’t end up at the morgue when the credits roll. He still goes to the hospital, of course—he probably had those wooden shards removed—but his throat remains firmly intact! In a hilarious post-credits scene, we see a dazed and pissed-off McGregor stumbling out of the emergency ward in nothing but a hospital gown, with his bare ass flapping in the wind. Is he out for revenge, or perhaps a solo outing? Either way, we’re officially calling for a Knox-centered spin-off.

“It wasn’t fake fighting,” the UFC fighter told People at the film’s New York City premiere. “As a man who fights for a living, it was very, very real. Very much real. There were real shots landed. I gave him a wallop; he gave me one back.” When asked if he had any more roles lined up, McGregor responded, “For sure, for sure!” Hopefully, one of those roles is Road House 2.

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