Constance Wu made $600 in a night stripping while researching her role in 'Hustlers'

Ben Arnold
Constance Wu (Credit: AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)

While Jennifer Lopez trained with one of Cirque du Soliel to learn pole dancing for the movie Hustlers, her co-star Contance Wu went one step further.

The Fresh Off The Boat star went undercover as a stripper, and made herself $600 (£460) in the process.

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Speaking to Kelly Clarkson on her NBC chat show, she revealed 'I did work at a strip club'.

“I gave lap dances to strangers,” she went on. “I’m not lying! I made $600 my first night. I am not being funny, and it was not funny.

Constance Wu and Jennifer Lopez in Hustlers (Credit: STX)

“I put fake tattoos on my neck, I changed my hair. You can’t duplicate the first time you walk into a club and say, ‘Hey, I’d like to have a job here,’ and then you go to work that night.”

Like Lopez, Wu also perfected her pole dancing by having one installed in her living room, and took lessons.

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She added: “When you’re naked, they don’t care if you’re that good.”

The movie told the true story of a group of dancers at a New York gentleman's club, led by Lopez, who begin extorting money from their wealthy Wall Street clients.

Though critically acclaimed, the movie failed to be nominated for Oscars.