Coronation Street confirms Roy Cropper's fate after murder attempt

This article references violence and abuse that some readers may wish to avoid.

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Roy Cropper has been freed from prison following dramatic scenes in Coronation Street.

The Roy's Rolls owner faced a dramatic turnaround in fortunes throughout Thursday's episode (May 30), as it initially looked like he might be killed in prison by the terrorist Griff Reynolds.

Griff was looking for revenge, leading to a confrontation in Roy's cell where the villain tried to get him to confess to Lauren Bolton's murder.

"I'm wondering if you know the misery Lauren's father feels not knowing where her body is," Griff accusatorily asked.

Roy insisted: "Contrary to what you believe, I have no idea what has happened to Lauren!"

griff, roy cropper, coronation street

Griff warned that if Lauren's father didn't get "the answers he needs", then he'd get "the next best thing" — revenge!

Roy refused to confess, telling Griff: "You're going to kill me no matter what I say. Might as well die an honest man."

Griff revealed that he'd fashioned a makeshift noose to force Roy to kill himself, therefore clearing Griff of any legal culpability.

Roy rushed to his prison door to scream for help, though Griff grabbed him and produced a knife. Griff tried to convince the prison guard that Roy was the one with the weapon.

griff, roy cropper, coronation street

As a prison lockdown commenced, in the cell Griff allowed Roy to make one final phone call to Nina, where she told him Nathan Curtis had been charged with Lauren's murder.

At that moment, riot guards finally entered the cell to take down Griff as Roy gripped his wedding photo.

"It's okay, Nina, it's okay," he tearfully assured his niece.

The soap then cut to an emotional moment as Roy was released from prison, where he was met by Nina and his attorney Dee-Dee Bailey.

roy cropper released from prison in coronation street and hugs nina lucas

Meanwhile, Bethany Platt's sexual abuser Nathan Curtis had been arrested in connection with Lauren's death since one of her hairs had been found in his van.

Sarah Barlow immediately worried this was a wrongful arrest since DS Kit Green suggested she must have dropped the hair while trying to plant evidence earlier this week.

"I did not put Lauren's hair in that van, I gave it to you," Sarah told the DS.

In reality, viewers would later learn that it was Kit who'd planted the incriminating hair in Nathan's van. Things looked even worse for Nathan when DS Swain announced that the girl who'd been his alibi for the night of Lauren's disappearance had now recanted.

However, it was ultimately revealed that neither Kit nor Nathan was responsible for Lauren's disappearance, as viewers were shown harrowing flashback scenes of Joel Deering brutally stabbing her. This revelation is particularly shocking since Joel is representing Nathan as his solicitor.

Will Joel be caught out?

calum lill as joel deering in coronation street

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