Coronation Street confirms whether Ryan Connor leaves Weatherfield

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street has addressed Ryan Connor's departure.

Ryan's recent affair with Daisy Midgeley is set to be exposed, leaving him with a difficult choice to make – stay in Weatherfield or leave for Glasgow.

Once Daisy's fiancé Daniel Osbourne finds out that she has cheated on him with her ex, he tries to sabotage his love rival's new job at a local gym by exposing Ryan's past.

ryan connor, crystal, coronation street

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When Ryan realises what Daniel has done, he tells Daisy, who then comes clean about the affair, unaware that he already knows all about it.

The revelation leads to Ryan and Daniel fighting it out on the street, with a number of Weatherfield residents looking on.

Although annoyed, Ryan's girlfriend Crystal is willing to give him another chance, telling him that she is moving to Glasgow and he is welcome to go with her.

And it seems he does ultimately decide to go with her, much to the shock of businesswoman Debbie Webster.

ryan connor, daniel osbourne, coronation street

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Upcoming scenes show both Debbie and an emotional Carla Connor wave Ryan off as he embarks on his fresh start.

And Daisy also watches on sadly as Ryan's taxi leaves the street.

While it may seem things are over for Ryan and Daisy, recent quotes from actor Ryan Prescott may give fans hope.

Speaking about his character's love triangle storyline earlier this week, Prescott said Ryan was putting his feelings for Daisy "on the back burner" after her rejection, adding: "It's very much damage control when someone rejects you; he's trying to save himself the embarrassment."

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