Coronation Street reveals Roy's emotional letter after imprisonment

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street has revealed the contents of Roy Cropper’s letter following his imprisonment.

The café owner was recently arrested and charged for the murder of missing teenager Lauren Bolton, with the developments coming after he had received several threats from those thinking him guilty.

In Monday's (April 15) episode, Roy could be seen writing a letter in his prison cell after he was denied bail, with solicitor Dee-Dee eventually delivering it to Nina.

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In a post from the soap’s social media team, the contents of the letter were revealed, with Roy apologising to individuals who he had mistreated in the past.

“I fear it has been my naivety, perhaps, and my arrogance to assume that being innocent means one will be seen to be innocent,” he began. “I have been unkind to people who have counselled me against certain actions.

“Nina, Carla, for this I apologise. Evelyn, I wish you to know that your friendship has been… The word that comes to mind is essential. For my lack of appreciation and my ingratitude, I am truly sorry. Dee-Dee informs me I should stop writing now. Yours Roy.”

With the character set for a stint behind bars, actor David Neilson recently spoke about the emotional storyline, revealing that Roy was a fish out of water when being threatened by Lauren’s family members.

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“I think he's a great student of life in a lot of ways,” he began. “Here are these people threatening him, an old guy on his own and yes he's frightened… He would never dream of doing what they are doing so he doesn’t understand what is going on.

“He does feel like it is the beginning of something. He's hoping it's not but it's sort of a build up of something. And everything he does or says is being misinterpreted and he doesn't really have a voice.”

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