Coronation Street's Bobby tells major lie in Lauren story

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Bobby Crawford has told a major lie about Lauren Bolton's disappearance in Coronation Street.

Roy Cropper was imprisoned in Monday's (April 15) episode as the authorities continued to wrongly suspect that he was responsible for Lauren's possible murder.

In the latest instalment, Roy was convinced that he would be sent down for Lauren's disappearance and, thus, wrote an emotional letter to his niece Nina Lucas.

He was represented in court by barrister Dee-Dee Bailey, who tried to convince a judge that the Roy's Rolls owner deserved to be granted bail.

However, the CPS prosecutor swayed the judge by painting Roy as a lifelong criminal. The barrister even brought up Roy's assault on Gary Windass and historic abduction of foster child Wayne Hayes.

roy cropper in prison in coronation street

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The judge ultimately ruled against Dee-Dee by denying bail, thus ordering Roy to be sent to prison until his trial takes place.

Outside the court, Carla angrily accused Dee-Dee of failing Roy and insisted she'd find "somebody better" to defend him.

As everyone gathered at the Rovers to debrief, Carla apologised for lashing out at Dee-Dee. Roy soon tried to call the café to speak to loved ones, but didn't get through as Bernie had shut it down for the day.

Having overheard Roy's plight, Bobby turned up at the police station asking to change his statement about the night of Lauren's disappearance.

Bobby gave a new version of events to DS Swain, claiming that he'd seen the "man who took Lauren" and clarifying it wasn't Roy!

Bobby made up a tale about a man in a balaclava in Lauren's flat, who'd warned him he would kill Lauren if he ever revealed the truth.

bobby and ds swain in coronation street

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"He shoved me, he was strong," Bobby claimed. "He looked down at me and said if I told anyone I saw him, anyone, then Lauren was dead."

Has Bobby opened himself up to serious legal trouble?

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