Coronation Street's Gary Windass hides a secret from his wife Maria

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Gary Windass has hidden a secret from his wife Maria Connor in Coronation Street.

Friday's (April 12) episode saw Gary turning to former flame Sarah Barlow for support as his marriage with Maria hit a rough patch.

The trouble arose over Maria perhaps being overprotective of son Liam, given the bullying ordeal he's only just gotten through.

Liam had wanted to return to school in the latest instalment, but Maria was totally opposed. Gary tried to encourage her on the boy's behalf, but was hurt when Maria reminded him he wasn't Liam's biological father.

As Gary went for a walk on his own in Weatherfield, he ran into former partner Sarah – who has been reeling over her divorce from Adam Barlow and ex-boyfriend Damon Hay's imprisonment.

gary windass in coronation street

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Gary invited Sarah back to his flat to talk, where he explained that Maria's overprotective nature was now starting to cause trouble for their marriage.

The two had no idea that Maria had checked her security camera app, only to see the former lovers spending time alone together in her flat.

Maria continued spying as Sarah found out that Damon had been sentenced to six years behind bars. Maria was stunned watching Gary take Sarah into his arms and console her.

Soon after, Maria was interrupted from her spying by Toyah, who suggested that she should consider getting Liam counselling sessions.

gary and sarah in coronation street

While this conversation was going on, Sarah had tossed back a few drinks and went in for a kiss with Gary, though he stopped her. An embarrassed Sarah rushed out before anything further could happen.

Once Gary caught up with Maria, she revealed she'd seen their hug and was hurt that he'd discuss their marriage problems with an ex-girlfriend.

"You were right, things do need to change," she told Gary. "Starting with you being able to talk to me about stuff."

As the two shared a hug, Gary wondered whether the security footage had captured his near-kiss with Sarah as well…

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