Coronation Street's Max Turner faces suspicion in Abi's deepfake story

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street's Kevin and Abi Webster went on the rampage tonight (May 24), as the deepfake revenge-porn storyline continued.

The couple were recently shocked to discover that a video of "Abi" having sex had been posted online, with Abi feeling even more violated as she had no memory of ever being filmed.

In the latest episode, Abi was angry to see it being shared on websites faster than she could report it.

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Believing it was drug dealer Dean, who took advantage of her once when she was under the influence, she cornered him in the street and threatened him with a wrench.

He pleaded that it wasn't him, and she only let him go after Kevin turned up and told her she'd be the one in trouble with the police.

Back at home, Abi said she needed to bite the bullet and watch the video. She immediately knew that it wasn't her, pointing out a tattoo that she doesn't have.

She explained to Kevin that it was a deepfake and that Dean was not technology-savvy enough to do it. She added that he was too much of a "do it himself" person to get someone else to create the video for him.

That left the question of who it could be.

Later, Max popped by the garage to apologise for making a joke at Kevin and Abi's expense earlier. He offered to redo the business' website for free, having had videos about him shared online, too.

abi webster, max turner, kevin webster, coronation street

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Kevin was thankful for the kind gesture, but after he left, Cassie Plummer said that the person who made the video must be good at technology. He put two and two together in his head, and then he immediately stormed off to the Platt household.

Barging into the house, Kevin accused Max of creating the videos since he refused to pay him for the website initially and had made videos for the far-right gang before. Abi dragged him home to confront him over his behaviour.

"These videos were made because someone's got a grudge against me... the world doesn't revolve around you," she told him angrily. She then added that she just wants the video to go away, and now more people will talk about it.

Meanwhile, Cassie tried to stir the situation at the garage, as she told Kevin that he was right to be so protective.

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