Corrie's Roy Cropper to be rushed to hospital in prison storyline

Coronation Street spoilers follow.

Coronation Street's Roy Cropper will face an emergency hospital dash next week, as he collapses in his prison cell after experiencing a flashback.

In scenes that will air on Monday, April 29 and Wednesday, May 1, Roy – who remains in prison after being charged with missing Lauren Bolton's murder – has a sudden flashback of Lauren approaching the café counter with Max Turner.

Roy is sure that there's something important about the conversation that he's remembering, but he can't work out what.

nina lucas, coronation street

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Unfortunately, when a prison officer bangs on his cell door, a frustrated Roy loses his train of thought.

Later on, Nina Lucas arrives to visit Roy, but is left waiting in the visiting room at first. She explains to a prison officer that she's waiting for Roy to arrive, and a prison officer heads off to find him.

But when the officer lets himself into Roy's cell, he finds that he's collapsed on the floor. Roy is rushed to hospital for treatment.

nina lucas, coronation street

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Later in the week, Mary Taylor visits Roy in hospital as he recovers.

Roy's mood is bleak as he tells Mary that he keeps trying to remember the details of a conversation he overheard between Lauren and Max, because he feels certain that it has some significance.

Mary urges Roy not to give up trying to recall what happened, and reassures him that the full memory will come back to him eventually.

roy cropper, coronation street

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But will Roy remember the important details before he faces trial for Lauren's murder?

Roy's loved ones and Corrie fans have been shocked by the news of mild-mannered Roy's imprisonment. But David Neilson, who plays the café owner, has admitted that he's "amazed" that Roy hasn't been jailed sooner.

"He's his own worst enemy! I mean, he needs support from himself, he puts himself there," he joked. "I'm amazed that I [Roy] haven't been in prison before because everyone else has!"

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