Costco Now Has the Product That Sells Out Instantly at Trader Joe’s

Fans say it's even better!



We love our Trader Joe's but so does everyone else, which makes getting the items we want sometimes tricky. This grocer's popular products fly off the shelves fast, thanks to its devoted fan base and all the hype it receives online.

One product in particular has a hard time lasting in the store, which makes us wish there was an alternative way of getting it. Now, there is, thanks to Costco.

Costco’s Fried Tofu & Vegetable Kimbap

Costco recently started carrying Fried Tofu & Vegetable Kimbap, giving Trader Joe's always sold-out version some serious competition.

If you aren't familiar with Korean cuisine, Kimbap (or "Korean sushi") is rice wrapped in seaweed and filled with anything from ground meat to marinated vegetables.

Instagram's costcobffs recently posted a video about the find, saying, "I found Fried Tofu and Veggie Kimbap today at Costco…it's in the freezer section and comes in a pretty big pack…including 6 rolls."

Comments came flooding in, and many were excited about trying the Costco version. Those who had already tried it seemed to be on board, saying, "I liked it more than TJ's kimbap!!!"

The video also showed that the 8-ounce bag costs $18.79. The Instagram user found the Kimbap in their local Santa Clara, CA store, and many others commented about seeing it in surrounding areas: "It's at el Camino" and "It's at both business and regular Costco in San Marcos, CA. I like it for a quick lunch."

Another commenter said they found it in their Fife, WA store. However, many on the East Coast and the Midwest said they have not yet spotted the product in their local stores. The Instagram poster suggested that customers call their local store: "The best way to find out is to call your warehouse (opt 1 for admin) and give them the item number to have them check!"

A recent Reddit thread discussing the Costco item also said that the "frozen kimbap (Korean seaweed rolls) are pretty darn good" and that they would give it a "solid 8/10." The thread goes on to add that the Kimbap's "rice texture is spot on" and that it is super quick to heat in the microwave.

Here's hoping Costco can keep this one stocked longer than Trader Joe's.

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