Costco Is Selling Rainbow-Frosted Unicorn Popcorn and It's As Cute As It Sounds

It’s 2019, and unicorns are everywhere. They’re in Kraft Mac and Cheese, in Chuck E Cheese’s churros, in Lucky Charms cereal and even in Starbucks Frappuccinos. Now, we’re happy to announce that they’ve made their way into the popcorn space, and you can now buy cones full of Unicorn Popcorn at Costco.

California-based popcorn brand Popcornopolis is behind the Unicorn Popcorn at Costco, where they sell many different themed popcorn snacks, including some adorable Easter and Mother’s Day products you can find on shelves right now.

Their Unicorn Popcorn, which can also be bought on their website and the Costco website, is a blue, pink and yellow-tinted treat with fruity hints of berry and lemon. Drizzled with pastel frosting, the popcorn is a salty-sweet snack packed with plenty of flavor.

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