County MPC approves development permit applications

The Wheatland County Municipal Planning Commission approved several development permit applications during the May 14 meeting.

Development Permit Application DP2023-034 proposed an automotive and equipment repair and sales shop, and a car storage warehouse.

The application was for an automotive campus which would include a showroom and dealership, maintenance area, offices, and a separate storage building. The facility proposes construction of two separate buildings.

The northernmost building will be 15,000 square feet and will accommodate automotive and equipment sales and related car repair services. The repair shop will not be a service station for the general public, though will provide support to enthusiasts of the specific type of automobile sold in the dealership.

A 13,750 square foot storage warehouse will be the southernmost building on the property, which will store automobiles intended for periodic rotation in and out of the show room.

A subdivision was approved in 2022 to divide the 18.2 acre parcel, creating three lots. Though the subdivision has been endorsed, the subdivided parcels have not yet been registered with land titles.

Administration had recommended the approval of the application subject to conditions as presented to the commission, with no permitted variances.

Development Permit Application DP2024-019 was for an accessory dwelling to allow a 1,640 square foot second residence with an attached garage to be constructed on the parcel.

The existing 2,770 square foot dwelling is to be considered the primary dwelling. The proposed construction meets all the setbacks and requirements of the land use bylaw, and no variances had been requested in the development application.

In addition to the primary dwelling, there is an existing shop onsite. County administration reported a permit was recently issued for several outbuildings which are currently in the building permit process.

Prior to the county’s approval of the development permit application, Alberta Transportation had granted a roadside development permit for the project. The two dwellings are to share an existing approach via Highway 817.

Administration had recommended approving the development permit application, subject to conditions as presented, with no variances granted to the project.

Development Permit Application DP 2024-022 proposed to address a non-compliant dwelling located on the subject land package located in the Hamlet of Namaka.

A property report was submitted to the county for a compliance review, which identified a dwelling and a shed. The compliance review identified two areas where the dwelling did not meet the setback requirements of the land use bylaw.

These non-compliances included a violation of setback requirements between the dwelling and the south yard, and a violation of the setback requirements between the dwelling and the west yard.

In order to obtain a compliant status, the noncompliant structures were required to either be removed, a permit issued with a requirement that the violating structures be moved, or the approval of a variance be issued.

As no concerns were raised regarding the violating structures by adjacent landowners, administration recommended the county approve variances to be granted.

Similar to DP 2024-022, Development Permit 2024-023 proposed to grant two variance requests for an existing dwelling, and an existing shed on the subject land parcel.

The distance between the dwelling and the east and north property lines do not meet the setback requirements outlined in the land use bylaw. The same options available regarding DP 2024-022 were made available about DP 2024-023.

Local Fire Services raised no complaints about the structures, nor the variances application. The commission voted to approve the application at administration’s recommendation.

Development Permit application DP 2024-311 was for an accessory dwelling to allow a 1,520 square foot second resident on the subject parcel.

The existing 2,951 square foot dwelling will be considered the primary dwelling. The proposed dwelling meets all setback requirements detailed in the Land Use Bylaw, and no variances were requested.

Administration recommended the permit be approved solely for the development of the new dwelling with a front deck, to be defined as a second dwelling and accessory, with a deck.

John Watson, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Strathmore Times