Of Course Gwyneth Paltrow Doesn’t Understand Memes

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Gwyneth Paltrow is delightfully out of touch, that’s her whole thing. From having only the vaguest idea of what should go into a refrigerator to genuinely not knowing that she once appeared in a Spider-Man movie, she is simply operating on a level the rest of us cannot comprehend.

So, of course she doesn’t keep up with memes.

“This one meme, ‘I’m baby,’ I’m like, What the fuck? What does that mean? And then everyone tries to explain what ‘I’m baby’ means. I finally got it,” the Oscar winner told Cultured Mag in a recent profile.

Paltrow revealed that when the need to understand a meme arises, her Gen Z kids, Apple and Moses, are happy to help.

“Luckily, I talk to my daughter multiple times a day, and I’m sure when Moses goes [to college] it will be the same,” she said. “But in the meantime, until September, I have my son here to explain to me what all these crazy things that pop up are.”

The empress of modern wellness also popped off on other media, opining that TikTok is “never happening” and that television is in “kind of a sad state.”

Her pitch for a fix is, naturally, uplifting and slightly opaque.

“I would love there to be a return to self,” she said. “Not in a narcissistic way, but everybody gets such a barrage of incoming stuff all the time that I think people become disconnected from themselves. There’s a lot of anesthetizing that goes on in the culture. People don’t want to feel pain or discomfort, which, unfortunately, is part of being human. I feel like everybody’s getting pulled around on a leash by culture right now—all the ‘shoulds.’ I wish for a return to a really robust inner life.”

She also co-owns an AI-powered meditation app, which feels like meme fodder for sure. Just saying.

Originally Appeared on Glamour