Crapaud's new walk-in clinic opens Tuesday

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Crapaud's new walk-in clinic opens Tuesday

Crapaud's new walk-in clinic opens Tuesday

After a couple months of planning, a new walk-in clinic will open in Crapaud, P.E.I., on Tuesday.

The clinic is located at the South Shore Pharmacy in Crapaud and will be open Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.

Residents of the community have longed for primary care service since Dr. Joey Giordani, the village's only physician, left Crapaud unexpectedly in November.

Starting on Tuesday, they'll now have access to two doctors through the new clinic.

"There was overwhelming support by the community for a walk-in clinic to be here, right on the pharmacy grounds," said Ian Dennison, co-chair of the South Shore Health and Wellness Committee.

'It's so important to the community'

Shortly after Dr. Giordani's departure, members of the community held a public meeting to plan how they would tackle the village's growing healthcare needs. 

This eventually led to the creation of the South Shore Health and Wellness Committee.

Since that public meeting roughly 10 weeks ago, the committee's group of volunteers, as well as some concerned citizens, raised about $10,000 to establish a walk-in clinic at the pharmacy.

Lisa Gallant owns the pharmacy and is secretary on the committee. She converted an area in the back of her building from a storage space into the clinic's exam room and waiting area.

"It's so important to the community, so many people spoke at our public meeting at the Crapaud Hall to say that's one of the reasons they moved to this community," Gallant said.

"You need to have certain essential services and medical care would be one of those things people look for."

Although the clinic opens for the first time this week, the committee said they're going to lobby government for a nurse practitioner. They also hope to expand the clinic to more days per week.

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