Crystal meth drug bust in Montreal

Montreal police seize more than 15kg of crystal meth during a drug raid last week. (CBC)

Montreal police say they’ve delivered a blow to the crystal methamphetamine drug trade in Montreal, after seizing more than 15 kilograms during a police raid.

“That drug — a big quantity like that — for sure it will have a big impact. We never saw a quantity like that in the past, so hopefully there will be less drug available for the young people,” said Montreal police inspector Mario Desmarais.

The largest amount of crystal meth previously seized was in 2011, when police confiscated about one kilogram.

Crystal meth is a highly-addictive street drug, which experts consider very dangerous.

RodrigueParé, president of Quebec’s Addiction Prevention Centre, compares taking crystal meth with playing Russian roulette.

“Everybody reacts differently to the drug. You can have seizures, you can have all kinds of problems because you don't know the content, you don't know the dose, and you don't know what kind of drugs you have in there,” Paré said, adding that the drug is often made in unsanitary conditions.

Police also seized 100 kilograms of cocaine during last week’s raids, along with five gold bars worth about $200,000.

Police arrested three men and one woman during the raids.

They say an investigation is ongoing, and more arrests are possible.