Cup Noodles Is Releasing a Polarizing New Flavor, and Fans Are Thrilled

You'll either love it or hate it.

<p>Food & Wine / Cup Noodles</p>

Food & Wine / Cup Noodles

You just might do a double-take when you see Cup Noodles’ latest release.

Earlier this week, Nissin Foods announced the arrival of its Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese instant ramen, which will be available exclusively at Walmart stores and on for a limited time.

The new microwavable ramen is part of Nissin’s “breakfast club” of first-thing-in-the-morning-inspired flavors. This version combines ramen noodles with that “Everything” combo of caraway seeds, dried onion, garlic, poppy seeds, and sesame seeds — plus a cream cheese-flavored sauce. And like some of the brand’s other polarizing flavors, this is less about the soup-like broth and more about the savory sauce.

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"We know noodle fans and foodies are constantly finding ways to elevate their instant ramen with different sauces, seasonings, and unexpected ingredients," Priscila Stanton, senior vice president of marketing at Nissin Foods USA, said in a statement. "More specifically, consumers have been adding a dash of Everything Seasoning to their ramen since the craze took off and we took inspiration from our consumer base to give everyone's favorite noodles a creamy twist."

The new Cup Noodles Everything Bagel with Cream Cheese will be available at Walmart starting next week (although it is already in stock at my local Walmart Neighborhood Market). The suggested retail price is $1.18. Cup Noodles is also briefly bringing back another early morning fave, the pancake, sausage, and egg-flavored Breakfast Ramen which debuted last spring.

<p>Cup Noodles</p>

Cup Noodles

When Breakfast Ramen launched last March, Nissin called it “the first ramen product for the most important meal of the day.” It will return for a limited time next week and will also be sold exclusively at Walmart stores and on (The sweet-and-savory experience can be a divisive one: a reporter for Japan’s SoraNews24 tried a cup and decided that it was “too out-there” for him to eat a second time.)

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Nothing can beat Nissin’s special 50th-anniversary flavor, though. Last autumn, it released Pumpkin Spice Cup Noodles, which is probably a combination of words that no one ever expected to read. The company said that the instant ramen involved “a special pumpkin seasoning that's the perfect blend of sweet, savory, and spiced” and even recommended adding a dollop of whipped cream to the noodles before tucking into them.

So if you want to be really extra, you could always serve your Everything Bagel Cup Noodles on an actual Everything Bagel. We’re not judging.

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