Dainty Australian Shepherd Adores Juicy Watermelon Treat

River is a dainty dog who loves her treats. She is content to wait patiently as Serena serves her up a hefty slice of watermelon. River has a sweet tooth and a fondness for the juicy fruit. Although this seems like an unusual food to give to a dog, many enjoy watermelon a great deal. Serena has recently taught River to shake a paw and then shake the other on command. But River is too excited to follow the plan. She gets her treat all the same and she savours every mouthful. River is a rescue dog with an incredible story. She was seconds from death when Serena fell in love with her and adopted her, agreeing to provide the care that River needed. Diagnosed with serious health issues and a heart defect, River's first owners were not able to manage the complicated treatment and frequent tests that she would need. They faced the difficult decision to end River's suffering and have her euthanized. Serena is a veterinary assistant and she and her mother had the skill and access to the resources that would allow River to live a decent life. River has been going strong, having had three extra years so far, with no sign of serious trouble. She enjoys free run of a large property and frequent walks in the nearby forest. River also loves canoe rides and lying by the fire at the cottage. She is living her best life and loving her treats.