Dana Larsen returns to Calgary with free marijuana seeds

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Dana Larsen returns to Calgary with free marijuana seeds

Dana Larsen returned to Calgary with free marijuana seeds, despite a looming court date related to a similar event last year.

The Vancouver-based marijuana legalization activist gave a talk on the history of cannabis in Canada at the Forest Heights Community Association on Friday night. 

Afterwards, Calgarians helped themselves to packets of seeds. 

"It's not a harmful plant. Grow them in your backyards, grow them on your patios," said Matt Shamoan, who picked up some seeds. "They should just grow beside the other flowers that are already growing."

Two police officers were outside the building, but the event concluded without incident.

A year ago, Larsen was arrested in Calgary during a similar event. He was charged with one count of trafficking marijuana and one count of possession for the purpose of trafficking. He is scheduled to appear in a Calgary courtroom on May 9 and 10 for a preliminary hearing.

Earlier in the day, Larsen told CBC's the Calgary Eyeopener that he was a "little nervous" about the event.

"But I'm on a mission and I think it's important that I come back and continue sharing out these cannabis seeds," he said.

Larsen said a quick Google searched turned up other places where Calgarians can buy "high potency marijuana seeds over the counter," so he wasn't sure why police officers turned up at his event in 2016.

"Last time, after I was arrested, I went to 20 more cities. This time I've been to 22 cities across the country already and no other police force has seen fit to interfere or to prioritize my seed giveaway as something they think is worth their attention."

Calgary was the final stop on Larsen's cross-Canada tour. Calgary Cannabis organized the meeting.