Comedian Dane Baptiste 'dropped by agency' after 'death threat' to fellow comic

Edinburgh, UK. 05th Aug, 2017. The Pleasance venue launched its 2017 Edinburgh Fringe Festival programme hosted by comedian Ed Gamble  Pictured: Comedian Dane Baptiste playing at Pleasance Courtyard Credit: Rich Dyson/Alamy Live News
Comedian Dane Baptiste has been reported to police over a social media post. (Alamy)

Police have launched an investigation into comments made by comedian Dane Baptiste threatening a female "Zionist comedian" that have reportedly seen him dropped by his management.

Baptiste, 42, who has appeared on shows including Mock The Week and Live At The Apollo, sparked a backlash after reportedly writing a post on his Instagram stories accusing the unnamed woman of "stalking his family page", saying she would not be “safe” and that her family would “sit at the cemetery”.

The comedian has since apologised, but police have confirmed they are making enquiries in relation to a post reported to police by a number of social media users and have since made contact with "a number of people who are helping our enquiries".

Baptiste has also been dropped by Insanity Group, while DLT Entertainment-owned Gag Reflex is also reported to have stopped working with him.

An Insanity spokesperson said:"Insanity became aware of a social media post published by Dane on Instagram on Wednesday afternoon. The contents of his post are completely at odds with our values and what we stand for. We promptly made this clear to him, and – as of Thursday morning - are no longer working with him. As an organisation we do not tolerate hate speech of any kind and are committed to the values of respect and tolerance for all."

Dane Baptiste’s post on his Instagram stories has since been removed. (Instagram)
Dane Baptiste’s post on his Instagram stories has since been removed. (Instagram)

In the post, Baptiste wrote: “I want you to sit down with your husband and kids and imagine what their lives will be without you, b/c north London is a quick trip to make and a Think Tank will have to be an actual tank to keep you safe from me.

“Ask about and comedians will tell you I will be at your literal doorstep. Your agent won't keep you safe. And I'll sit in prison while your family sit at the cemetery.

“First and last warning. Your act is dumb but don't be a dumb woman. For your own safety.”

He has since apologised for the post, describing it as “a massive error of judgement”. In a statement sent to Yahoo News UK, Baptiste said: “In the recent past, I have received a number of threatening and abusive messages from accounts accusing me of antisemitism for having pro Palestinian views.

“I have a new family and my partner made me aware that some of these same people were monitoring her instagram account. Knowing what has been said to me, I became incensed at the idea my family would be targeted with the same abuse.

“In a massive error of judgement, I posted an excessive and impulsive response, hoping to dissuade anybody monitoring my family. I made a point to say Zionist and not Jewish, but I appreciate how disturbing, threatening and incendiary that language is, I would categorically state I have no ill intention towards the Jewish community and never have.

“I have a loving family of which I am massively protective of; I reacted poorly and emotionally to a perceived threat with no considered thought to the consequences, and I apologise profusely for my actions.”

The post has since been removed, but the Met Police has confirmed it is investigating after receiving complaints. A statement said: "Enquiries are being made in relation to a post reported to police by a number of social media users on Wednesday 1 May.

"We have since made contact with a number of people who are helping our enquiries."

Marcus Brigstocke condemned the post as ‘racism’. (X)
Marcus Brigstocke condemned the post as ‘racism’. (X)
Promoter Raymond said the post was ‘beyond belief’ and ‘disgusting antisemitism’. (X)
Promoter Raymond said the post was ‘beyond belief’ and ‘disgusting antisemitism’. (X)

Baptiste has come under fire from fellow comedians for attacking the Jewish woman.

Marcus Brigstocke wrote on X that the post was “driven by antisemitism and misogyny”, saying: “The threat made by Dane Baptiste against a woman on IG wasn’t vague and cannot be justified. It was targeted and dangerous…

“I refuse to look the other way and stay silent while only Jewish friends speak up. Hatred and racism like this has to end.”

Josh Howie posted: “I've known and liked Dane Baptiste a long time. I’m also a fan of his comedy. So I’ve somewhat held back as he’s descended down the rabbit hole of Jew hatred.

“But this is the end point – openly threatening Jewish, I mean ‘Zionist’, women. The priority now is this woman’s safety.”

Raymond Simonson, who runs the Jewish Arts, Culture and Community Centre in north-west London, where Baptiste has previously performed, said he would not be invited back. Simonson wrote on X: “This is beyond belief and totally indefensible. I'm as shocked by how unreported this disgusting antisemitism by a high profile comedian is, as I am by his vile post.“

Jewish Chronicle writer Alex Hearn said Baptiste had “publicly threatened to kill a Jewish woman”, while screenwriter Lee Kern said “this has to be dealt with in the most serious manner possible”.

Baptiste is set to perform for two nights at the Backyard Comedy Club in east London later this month. Yahoo News UK has contacted the venue to see if the gigs will carry on as intended.

Yahoo News UK has contacted Gag Reflex for comment.