Danny McBride Sees A Weed And Feed Ideal For New Concept In Theatrical Moviegoing

Danny McBride and friend David Gordon Green were sitting around Rough House Pictures in South Carolina and spitballing about about improvements they might make to the movie-going experience.

In a GQ interview, McBride (The Righteous Gemstones, Eastbound & Down) revealed he hates the modern-theater-that-serves-dinner trend. “I hate it, I can’t stand it,” he said. “I also don’t think it makes sense to combine booze with movies. You’re going to have to piss. Doesn’t alcohol make you want to get up and get loose? You don’t want to sit there, drink beer, and just be quiet. I would have no interest in going to see a movie and just pounding IPAs. Just f**king falling asleep.”

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Ah, but there is an alternative vision to that.

Weed and movies “go together f**king perfectly,” said McBride. The friends have talked about the concept of opening a theater with a built-in dispensary — Green Screen, they’d call it.

“If I went to a theater, and it was like, ‘Here’s your popcorn and here’s f**king weed,’ I feel like that would be an awesome little combo right there,” McBride said.

Green wondered: “Why did we not do anything with that?”

“Too busy,” McBride replied.

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