Dave Coulier Shares Voicemail From Bob Saget on ‘Full House Rewind’ Podcast: ‘An Audio Hug’

“Full House” alum Dave Coulier shared a heartfelt voicemail that his former costar Bob Saget once left for him to close out the latest episode of his “Full House Rewind” podcast.

For his return episode over the weekend, the actor behind Uncle Joey on the classic sitcom had Saget’s widow Kelly Rizzo stop by as a guest to reflect on her marriage to the late comedian, who died in January 2022.

“The biggest hugger I ever knew was Bob Saget. He hugged everyone. If you were going through a tough time, Bob was there for ya,” Coulier said in the final minutes of the podcast. “When my brother Danny took his own life in 2021, Bob was the first person who called me and left a voicemail. It was an audio hug.”

“I loved Bob and he loved me too. I’d like to close this episode by playing that voicemail message that Bob left for me,” he added. “Maybe someday you can pass along the same kind of compassion to someone you love.”

In the audio clip, a tearful Saget encouraged Coulier to reach out whenever he needed while also lending his support to his costar.

“I’m right here, 24/7 right now, right here. I love you, Dave. I’m so sorry Dave. You loved him, I’m so sorry, so I’m here,” Saget could be heard saying. “I’m here 24/7. Just call me anytime. Doesn’t have to be now, can be a week. Whenever, I can just talk to you or listen. I love you so much.”

Coulier also thanked Rizzo for being there for his friend, saying, “We were all so happy when you came into Bob’s life because he wasn’t a happy camper. He wasn’t, and you were the perfect person for him.”

“You were always the right amount of calm and composite to balance Bob’s frenetic pace. I probably haven’t said it enough, but thank you for being that presence in my friend’s life because it was so wonderful to be a part of that and to see my friend so happy and you gave that to him, so thank you,” he concluded.

Watch the full podcast segment, below:

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