“Dead Boy Detectives” Star Ruth Connell Talks Motherhood at 44: 'Incredibly Fortunate' (Exclusive)

Connell will next be seen in Netflix’s and DC Comics 'Dead Boy Detectives'

<p>Ben Cope</p> Ruth Connell

Ben Cope

Ruth Connell

Ruth Connell is the first to admit that good things come to those who wait.

The 44-year-old Scottish actress, who will next be seen in Netflix’s and DC Comics Dead Boy Detectives, spent years as an actress before landing the role for which she is now best known: Rowena, in a six-season run on the CW series Supernatural.

Connell met her partner, fellow Supernatural cast member Rob Benedict, in her 30s and she had her first child with Benedict — a daughter named Margaret Vivian Benedict — this January.

"Nothing in my life has ever happened at a time I thought it would," Connell tells PEOPLE in a recent interview. "I didn't go to drama college when I thought I would, I didn't get my breakthrough when I thought I would … it's interesting to me that both this show and Margaret both took about five years to gestate and come through."

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<p>Ben Cope</p> Ruth Connell

Ben Cope

Ruth Connell

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The show will see Connell reprise a role familiar to DC fans — that of the Night Nurse, which she also played in DC’s Doom Patrol.

"It's a reprisal but with a brand new take," Connell says, adding: "This is a very updated take. The show itself is really cutting edge, I think. The look of it, the character itself."

She continues: "To my mind, she's a slightly mysterious character. She comes across initially as perhaps she is just after the boys ... but over time, perhaps she isn't quite as evil a character as she might seem."

Connell is quick not to divulge too many details about Dead Boy Detectives which, as with most comic book shows, is kept tightly under wraps ahead of its premiere.

But she has seen in it its entirety — and was so excited about watching the trailer that she broke a rule she and her partner had made.

"Rob and I already decided that [Margaret] is not getting a phone until she's a teenager. However, the trailer [for Dead Boy Detectives] got released last week and I couldn't help it … I try not to look at my phone whilst I’m with her but I watched the trailer, and she was mesmerized," Connell says. "It's the first thing she ever really watched."

Connell says that, despite the added pressure that comes with working on a show with a built-in fan base, she never shied away from the challenge.

"It’s so amazing, as a bit of a fan girl myself, to be part of a universe. I came from the Supernatural world and a lot of the Supernatural fans have been asking me about Dead Boy Detectives," Connell says. "To be in the DC world and also in the Neil Gaiman [who authored the Dead Boy Detectives comic books] world is delicious to me, personally."

Of course, the show will come with its challenges — namely, added travel as press ramps up.

In the coming weeks, Connell will carve out some time for herself and her daughter, taking a 17-hour flight to Scotland so Margaret can meet many of her relatives and, as the actress says, "breathe in that good, Scottish air."

Connell, for one, is taking her very full schedule in stride, saying she feels "incredibly fortunate to be a woman my age working in Hollywood, and also having just had a baby."

<p>Ben Cope</p> Ruth Connell

Ben Cope

Ruth Connell

"It's hard to talk about without getting emotional," she adds.

Asked about the timing of all her recent successes — from the birth of her daughter to the premiere of her new show — Connell ruminates on advice she once received from an acting coach during a particularly challenging time in her career.

"The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is that successful people just kept on going," Connell muses. "If you know what you want, just keep taking the steps toward that. Even if it doesn't work out the way you planned, at least that way you know you tried. With Margaret, I tried so hard and even if it hadn't worked out, at least I would have known I gave it everything I had."

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