‘Deadpool’ Co-Creator Just Had Hilarious Beef With ‘Ancient Aliens’ Guy

The first rule of social media taunting: Make sure you know something about the person you’re mocking.

But a noted Ufologist apparently ignored that memo on Monday when he went after a post he didn’t like about the upcoming “Deadpool & Wolverine” movie, not realizing the post was made by one of the comic book writers behind “Deadpool.”

It all started when Fabian Nicieza, who, yes, co-created the popular superhero with Rob Liefeld, made a cheeky comment to Hugh Jackman’s post about the upcoming film.

After Jackman posted, “I’ve got the high ground,” Nicieza responded with a quip referencing Deadpool’s pansexual nature in the comic books: “Is he saying Deadpool is a bottom?”

Although the character wouldn’t exist without Nicieza, his post was criticized by ufologist Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, whose appearances on the TV series, “Ancient Aliens,” have turned photos of him into an internet meme.

Tsoukalos didn’t seem to understand the cheeky point behind Nicieza’s post, writing, “What does it matter? And do you understand Deadpool at all?”

Immediately, people familiar with Nicieza’s very direct connection to “Deadpool” gathered up some metaphorical popcorn.

Nicieza also chimed in and suggested to Tsoukalos that “there must be a smarter way for you to spend $8 a month than outing yourself as a verified moron...”

Tsoukalos fired back with a lame schoolyard threat that probably didn’t help his cause, writing: “Tell me that to my face and let’s see what happens.”

Nicieza fired back, saying, “‘Whoops I did Twitter bad today, sorry’ would have worked much better than ‘I said something pretty dumb, but acting like a tough guy will make it all better.’”

HuffPost reached out to Tsoukalos for comment on the beef, but he did not immediately respond.

On Tuesday, Tsoukalos apparently attempted to settle the score with a social media post that cut-and-pasted a Wikipedia entry in which Liefeld argues that Nicieza’s contributions to the character are minimal.

“Deadpool & Wolverine” hits theaters July 26.