Dell deals insanity: Get up to $700 off top and limited-time offers

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The deals sure are heating up for summer, but if there’s one brand that never disappoints in that regard, it’s Dell. They’re back with unlimited possibilities and some pretty insane deals, but many of the offers are only available for a limited time. That means you can’t waste any time yourself if you’re interested, and you should probably start shopping as soon as possible. There are deals on laptops, desktops, monitors, gaming desktops — like the Alienware Aurora R16 — peripherals, and more, such as a universal connectivity dock. Regardless, we’ve outlined a few of the top picks below to make it easy, but you’ll really want to browse yourself to see what else is in there.

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Why you should shop these Dell limited-time deals

What’s better than getting a great deal on new computing or tech gear? Saving up to $700 on your purchase, which you can put towards pretty much anything else. You could use that money to upgrade your entire setup with new monitors and peripherals. You could buy a whole new desk. You could even buy some paint and do renovations on your room or office, and with $700, you’d probably still have a bunch leftover.

But that’s neither here nor there. What you’re really interested in, as are we, is why you should be shopping this limited-time summer sale. It’s the unlimited possibilities, of course. Whatever you want or need is likely on sale, along with a huge swarm of items, including laptops, desktops, peripherals and accessories, monitors, and much more.

If you want a portable workstation to work from anywhere, you’ll find it. Want a much more powerful gaming PC, not just for gaming but also for content creation or creative work like graphic design? Yep, there are a few of those on sale, too. Keyboard and mouse bundles? Check. Micro form factor PCs? Check. Honestly, if we sifted through everything that’s on sale, we’d probably be here all day.

You can save on Dell's 24-inch monitor and grab a second screen, or go bigger and save even more on Dell's UltraSharp 27-inch 4K monitor. Or grab one of Dell’s Alienware gaming laptops, like the M18 R2, to play your favorite titles anywhere.

It’s your choice, but the sky’s the limit, and, well, that’s kind of the point, isn’t it? Just don’t fly too close to the sun. It’s hot. Either way, you can take advantage of these unlimited possibilities and get up to $700 off right now until July 21, when the sale is all done. Now’s a great time to upgrade or expand, even if you already have a system — you could get yourself a desktop or laptop to complement what you have, for example.

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