Update: Deputies searching farm after skeletal remains discovered in rural Benton County

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Benton County sheriff’s deputies are scouring an area near Prosser in the Lower Yakima Valley after some skeletal remains were discovered Tuesday afternoon.

Someone in the area found some human bones on a farm north of the rural city in western Benton County, Coroner Bill Leach confirmed to the Tri-City Herald on Wednesday.

Deputies are still trying to process the scene to determine if a crime was committed, Lt. Mike Clark told the Herald.

It’s unknown at this point how long the bones may have been in the field or how they got there.

“They’re processing (the area) and trying to figure out what we’re looking at,” he said. “They just keep going until they feel like they’ve exhausted everything.”

It is possible that they were scattered by animals.

About a half dozen deputies were searching the area on Wednesday, and Clark said it’s not immediately clear how large of an area they’ll need to search.