Destination Canada permanent funding helps attract more tourists, says TIAPEI

Destination Canada permanent funding helps attract more tourists, says TIAPEI

The decision by the federal government to make temporary funding of $37.5 million to Destination Canada, a national tourism marketing organization permanent each year is welcome news by the Tourism Industry Association of Prince Edward Island. 

TIAPEI's chief executive office Kevin Mouflier says this commitment by the federal government will help help attract visitors from the United States, something Destination Canada pulled away from a few years ago to focus on international travelers. 

"It really gives strong security to Destination Canada to market effectively and have a guarantee into the future so that we can grow tourism ... Prince Edward Island particularly having the highest GDP in the tourism sector across the country, 6.4 per cent so it's again something that we push provincially and federally."

Mouflier said the tourism industry was happy to hear of the $8.6 million committed over four years to support the development of Canada's Indigenous tourism industry.

Tourist tax rebates scrapped

A change in the federal budget means foreign tourists will no longer be eligible for a tax rebate on their accommodations or tour packages. This is expected to add $15 million to the federal treasury.

Mouflier said it's too early to tell what the impact of that might be on visits by foreign tourists to P.E.I.

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