Did a fitness coach post nudes of her ex’s girlfriend and break a Miami police car?

A Miami fitness coach and boxer found out her business partner and one-time boyfriend started a relationship with another fitness coach, and she got into his laptop and snagged nude photos of the other woman and posted them online, police say.

And, Miami police said, Tuesday’s arrest of the fitness coach, once a world class powerlifter, included her trying to take down an officer while handcuffed and breaking a police car door with her toes.

Officers managed to get Stefanie Cohen Magarici, aka Stefi Cohen, to Miami-Dade Corrections. Cohen has been charged with felony unauthorized access of a computer, misdemeanor sexual cyberharassment, misdemeanor criminal mischief, and resisting arrest without violence.

Cohen, 32, was released after posting $3,300 bond Wednesday. There’s a standard stay-away order for her as far as contacting her ex-boyfriend, Hayden Bowe, or Bowe’s current girlfriend, Valentina Lequeux. Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Jason A. Reding Quinones denied Bowe’s request last August for a domestic violence restraining order against Cohen.

Stefanie Cohen Magarici aka Stefi Cohen.
Stefanie Cohen Magarici aka Stefi Cohen.

That came after Bowe filed a lawsuit in March 2023 to force the sale of the Coconut Grove house he bought in July 2019. In April 2020, county records say, he brought Cohen in as joint owner with right of survivorship. Bowe’s court filing says that after they broke up, he moved out. But, his lawsuit claims, Cohen won’t move out, won’t answer requests to sell the property or let him have access to the property that county records say still belongs to both.

Bowe told police that he’d left a laptop in the house.

Gyms, Hybrid and clouds

State records say Cohen and Bowe remain the managers of HPM Events LLC. While state records say only Bowe has been an officer of Hybrid Performance Method USA, the Wynwood gym’s website says Cohen and Bowe started Hybrid in 2015.

Though Stefi Cohen’s mugshot is no longer under founders with Hayden Bowe, Hybrid Performance Method’s history page still refers to her.
Though Stefi Cohen’s mugshot is no longer under founders with Hayden Bowe, Hybrid Performance Method’s history page still refers to her.

That’s during the time Cohen was one of the best, if not the best pound-for-pound (accounting for size) female powerlifters in the world. She pulled a 550-pound deadlift while weighing only 119 pounds. In a documentary on her, she claims one-rep maximums of 510 pounds in the squat and 242 for the bench press.

She set the last of her 25 world records in February 2020, when she dropped to the 114-pound class, deadlifted 456 pounds (world record), squatted 446 pounds (world record) and benched 226 for a total of 1,124 pounds (world record).

Before Cohen left powerlifting for boxing, Bowe left her. A Thursday Instagram comment by Lequeux said, “I didn’t steal her man, he broke up with her and then we started dating.”

Lequeux and Bowe told police Cohen found one of Bowe’s laptops in the house on March 21, 2022, and put in passwords she knew Bowe liked to use until she got into his Apple iCloud account.

“From inside the iCloud folder, Cohen was able to obtain sexual photos of Ms. Lequeux,” the arrest report said. “Cohen then proceeded to save the photos and distribute them to different group chats in which Lequeux was a part of. Cohen informed Lequeux she was sending the nude photos with the purpose of exposing and humiliating her.”

The power of the tarsals and metatarsals

The arrest report says when Miami police halted Cohen Tuesday on Loquat Avenue and told her she was under arrest, Cohen “did not comply and began to walk at a fast pace back to her residence.”

Cohen, the report said, began resisting arrest — “tensed up her arms and attempted to put them in front of her” to keep from being handcuffed. Two officers were able to get her into handcuffs, but Cohen hooked one of the officers’ right leg with her own “and attempted to sweep him off his feet.”

That failed and the two officers got Cohen into the cruiser “at which point she placed her right leg on the latch to unlock the door and grabbed it with her toes,” the report described. “Cohen pulled the latch with her toes and intentionally broke the locking system, causing the door not to lock at all.”

Cohen, the report said, took advantage of her right to remain silent.