Doctor Who boss teases "devastating" season finale

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Doctor Who boss teases "devastating" season finaleBBC

Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies has teased that the season finale will be the “biggest” as well as “devastating.”

The BBC sci-fi show is due to return to screens next month, with Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson set to continue their adventures.

Ahead of the launch, Davies spoke with SFX Magazine about the upcoming episodes, teasing that the finale will be a momentous occasion.

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“That’s a spine throughout the series – we saw at Christmas she was a foundling, left at the church at Ruby Road,” he said. “Also the Doctor’s now a foundling, mysteriously abandoned in outer space, doesn’t know his parents either, and that’s a big connection between the two of them,

“It’s a real hum, a vibration between the two of them that really forges their friendship like no other Doctor and companion team ever before, and that hasn’t finished. You’re going to see that develop.

“Every episode stands on its own. There will be a running theme and running story that’s going to build and build and build to 'The Most Devastating Finale'. Literally, the biggest finale ever.”

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Davies isn’t the only one to preview the series, with Gibson saying: “Russell’s given me the gift of a really beautiful story arc, not only in season one but in season two also. Her family definitely structures her beliefs and her positivity.

“I think because I’m playing my age as well, it was so easy to express that sort of giddiness and young energy that Doctor Who’s not seen before. The thought of me being some little girl or little boy’s companion is a really special thing.”

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Doctor Who will return for its 14th series on May 11 at midnight, airing on BBC One in the UK and Disney+ elsewhere. Classic episodes of Doctor Who are available on BBC iPlayer in the UK.

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