Doctor Who boss teases huge Ruby Sunday secret in upcoming episodes

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Doctor Who boss teases huge Ruby Sunday twistBBC

Doctor Who series 14 spoilers follow.

Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies has hinted at a huge Ruby Sunday secret being revealed in upcoming episodes.

One background theme this season has been a growing mystery surrounding Ruby's travels in the TARDIS, as she seems to be followed by snow everywhere The Doctor takes her.

This recurrence of snow harkens back to the introduction of the character in the Christmas special 'The Church on Ruby Road', where a newborn Ruby was left on the steps of a church on a snowy night.

Doctor Who has confirmed that the two-part finale — which will be screened in UK cinemas as well as on TV and streaming — will have major implications for Ruby, as the titles will be 'The Legend of Ruby Sunday' and 'Empire of Death'.

Speaking to Doctor Who Magazine, Russell T Davies hinted that fans can finally expect some answers on where Ruby comes from.

"There are an unusually high number of stories threaded through this season," the writer hinted.

"With the title 'The Legend of Ruby Sunday', you've got that foundling story reaching its peak. Millie plays it beautifully. I'm delighted with the way it all dovetails."

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James Pardon - BBC

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The publication also revealed the official synopsis for 'The Legend of Ruby Sunday': "The Doctor and Ruby come crashing down to present-day Earth with a bang, a few sparks, and a 'Gimme the loving!'

"They need UNIT's help. What is Ruby Sunday's most precious secret? And how might an old VHS tape hold the key? One thing is certain: the whole of existence is in grave danger..."

Whatever Ruby's secret may be, fans should expect her epic story to continue beyond the two-part finale as actor Millie Gibson will return next year alongside Ncuti Gatwa and new companion Varada Sethu.

Millie has promised she has a "beautiful" future on Doctor Who, with Russell T Davies also announcing the story of Ruby Sunday will run through next season as well.

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There are a few other intriguing mysteries that may or may not be connected to Ruby Sunday's origin story — like the oft-mentioned character referred to as The One Who Waits and the recurrence of actor Susan Twist throughout each episode.

As The Doctor recently found out at Abbey Road, there's always a twist at the end…

Doctor Who debuts new episodes at midnight on Saturday, airing on BBC One in the UK and Disney+ elsewhere. Classic episodes of Doctor Who are available on BBC iPlayer in the UK.

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