Dodge's Complete Performance Vehicle Protection Package covers 5,000 parts

Dodge has added its products to the Mopar Vehicle Protection (MVP) plans with its Dodge Complete Performance Vehicle Protection Package. It appears to combine an extended warranty with aspects of Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicle perks like trip insurance and rental cars, but the MVP are only available on cars bought new. The coverage doesn't need to be added at the time of sale, though. Buyers have four months or 5,000 miles to pay for a Dodge Complete Performance Vehicle Protection Package for vehicles that are still under their original factory warranty.

Its overlap with an extended warranty is the flyer touting more than 5,000 vehicle components being covered, from the usual bits like the engine, transmission, driveline, brakes, and suspension, to the fringe like squeak and rattle repair, rips and tears in the cabin leather or upholstery, and up to $7,500 worth of wheel repair every year for those who view parallel parking as a Final Boss battle. And it includes some increasingly common maintenance freebies like scheduled maintenance, and fluid and filter changes as per the owner's manual.

Consumables get lumped in as well, counting bits like wiper blades, brake rotors, and brake pads. Windshield replacement and paintless dent repair will come in handy, as will the tire protection: Buyers get up to two worn tires, and can get all wheels and tires repaired or replaced when they are damaged due to road conditions (that's the real infrastructure repair bill right there).

The CPO-like perks number roadside assistance, towing allowance, $1,000 of trip interruption coverage, $45 per day for a rental car, service at any Fiat Chrysler U.S. dealership and only certified Mopar parts used for repair. .

And then there's the day of driving instruction that comes with the package, the first time Mopar has bundled a driving school offer with one of its products. The track day is a High-Performance Driving session at Radford Racing School, which is the official driving school of Dodge and SRT in Chandler, Arizona, once known as the Bondurant Racing School. 

Each Dodge Complete Performance Vehicle Protection Package lasts for six years or 75,000 miles, one year and 15,000 miles beyond Dodge's standard factory powertrain warranty. Mopar doesn't offer fixed prices for the MVP; different package tiers are priced based on the vehicle and where that vehicle lives. Anyone who wants to know more needs to get on the phone to 866-818-9929, operators are standing by.




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