Dog's post-surgery photo shows him smiling from ear-to-ear

This dog came out of surgery and can’t stop smiling. Photo from Twitter.

Anyone who has ever experienced the drugged-out bliss of some seriously strong meds will instantly connect with this elderly canine’s post-surgery vibes.

Twitter user @smack__that from Adelaide, Australia, shared images of her golden retriever on the car ride home from the vet after he had seven tumours removed. Judging from the dog’s facial expression, it’s probably safe to say that he’s still feeling the effects of the sedatives and couldn’t be more happy about it.

The photo of the dog smiling from ear-to-ear went viral, and has attracted countless inquiries about how he is doing post-surgery. Follow-up tweets by his owner appear to show him doing quite well and lazily lounging about the house next to his feline friend.

The viral image also inspired other people to share pictures of their own pets sedated after a visit to the vet.

A few people also chimed in to say they could relate to the golden retriever’s relaxing ride home, including one person who was curious to know what medication the dog had taken. He claims he was asking for a friend, of course.