Dolph Lundgren declares he’s ‘lucky to be alive’ after his kidney cancer and wild living

Dolph Lundgren thinks he’s lucky to be alive after his kidney cancer and wild living.

The ‘Universal Soldier’ actor, 66, was first diagnosed with the illness in 2015 and told he only had a few years to live, but is now enjoying life after a series of tumors were removed.

He told Total Film about his health fight: “I had a prognosis that I only had a couple of years left, so I feel lucky to be alive.

“Luck has always played a part though. It’s like one of the Roman generals said, ‘Everything that happens to you has been decided since the beginning of time.’

“Everybody has their fate. And my fate was to be somebody who entertains and inspires people, I hope.”

When asked about his wild days, Dolph admitted: “I went through a period of heavy drinking and a few addictions while trying to deal with the trauma from my childhood and I think I danced with the devil a few times.

“But I lived to tell about it.”

Swedish-born Dolph, who married his fiancée Emma Krokdal, 28, in Mykonos last year, admitted his ideal “off switch” would be boozing – but said he now prefers to lounge around on the sofa instead.

He said: “The off switch would be to get drunk. But now I like to hit the couch at least once a day.

“I like watching historical dramas. I was directing, writing and starring in my latest movie, ‘Wanted Man’, which is a lot, but my wife keeps me balanced.”

Dolph added he has also learned a lot about himself from getting physical, adding: “A lot of smart people think they know a lot about themselves. But they don’t know about physical courage.

“You learn a lot about yourself in a fight.”