Don’t bother Larry David with menial pleasantries. He’s not interested

Just like the version of himself that he plays on “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” there are some things in life that Larry David can’t be bothered with.

This includes texting him a “next day thanks” – or, a message of gratitude for hospitality shown previously – especially if the sender had already expressed said gratitude.

It’s a “ridiculous” notion, according to David, who elaborated on the menial pleasantries that peeve him while appearing on the new episode of CNN’s “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?” out on Friday.

Wallace recalled a time he sent David a “thank you” text the day after they dined out together, because David had picked up the check. According to Wallace, David’s response read: “Keep in mind, next time when you pick up the check, you will not be getting a next day thanks.”

“How many thank you’s do we have to give out?” David said during the interview when Wallace asked him about his curt text response. “Everybody’s sending all these next day ‘thank you’ texts. You thank somebody when you leave. That’s enough.”

And, while he’s at it, don’t even think about texting David “Happy New Year.” He probably won’t respond.

“Why are you sending that to me? I don’t care. I don’t care about a new year… What does it even mean?” he exclaimed.

Another occasion when it’s probably best to leave David alone is on his birthday, because responding to “happy birthday” messages, to the “Seinfeld” co-creator, feels more like “a job.”

“I would rather not get the Happy Birthday text because I have to return it. That’s all I’m saying. I’d rather not get it,” he said.

David has been documenting dramatized versions of life’s little annoyances on his long-running HBO show “Curb” since it first debuted in 2000. The series will air its final episode on April 7. (CNN, HBO and Max are all part of the same parent company, Warner Bros. Discovery.)

As for what’s next after the show’s conclusion, David isn’t too concerned, broadly telling Wallace, “I’ll find some stuff.”

But remember – if you’re feeling particularly effusive or gracious and are thinking of texting him thanks or well wishes, David would like you to curb your enthusiasm. Literally.

New episodes of “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?” debut Friday on CNN Max.

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