Don’t expect a folding iPhone anytime soon

Concept render of foldable iPhone.

Samsung is expected to reveal the sixth-generation Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip in July. And what about Apple? A new report suggests the first foldable iPhone might not arrive until 2027 — two years later than a previous rumor suggested.

According to TrendForce, “Apple is still evaluating component specifications and performance, with strict requirements for crease and reliability.” Further, “(Apple’s) entry could significantly shift market dynamics.” TrendForce monitors and forecasts demand for smartphone components.

In February, some suggested Apple would unveil a foldable iPhone in 2025. This latest news suggests that the date wasn’t correct, and we won’t see this type of phone for another three years at the earliest.

Apple’s approach to the “iPhone Flip” is intriguing, though also frustrating for anyone holding out for a foldable phone that uses iOS. Rather than rushing into the market, Apple is carefully studying the successes and failures of other foldable phone manufacturers like Samsung, OnePlus, and Google. This strategy could potentially lead to a more refined and reliable product.

One unique feature of Apple’s first foldable phone could be its ability to self-repair. Last month, the company was awarded 51 patents covering self-healing properties for future handsets. That alone could be a reason to wait, no?

For those who aren’t willing to wait for a foldable iPhone, wait until July 10. That’s the date Samsung is likely to announce its newest Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold models. Also expected this year is the Google Pixel Fold 2 and Motorola Razr 50 Ultra foldable phones.