Don’t miss your chance to get this 75-inch TV for less than $450

The onn. 75” Class 4K UHD (2160P) LED Frameless Roku Smart TV is a living room with orange walls.

Want a cheap but large TV? Head over to Walmart which has the pick of the TV deals going on at the moment. Today, you can buy an Onn. 75-inch Frameless Roku Smart TV for just $448. That’s thanks to a $50 reduction bringing it down from $498 to this new and pretty sweet price. It’s a deal that’s already proving popular because who can resist a 75-inch TV for under $450, right? We’ve got all you need to know before you miss out.

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Why you should buy the Onn. 75-inch Frameless Roku Smart TV

You won’t see Onn. on any of the best TV brands lists but at this price, it’s still pretty respectable. Best aimed at those people who simply want a large TV for less, the Onn. 75-inch Frameless Roku Smart TV still offers all the essentials you could need while boasting a size that’s perfect for a home cinema setup.

The highlight to the Onn. 75-inch Frameless Roku Smart TV is its screen size, of course. It has a crystal clear picture thanks to its 4K image which means you get more lifelike color and texture compared to HD TVs. Granted, this TV won’t compete with the best TVs as it doesn’t offer anything like Dolby Vision or other key features, but it has the basics covered.

It also has a great customizable home screen thanks to Roku being a great operating system to use. You can easily pick out your favorite apps or watch via cable, satellite or HD TV antenna if you prefer. At all times, it’s easy to figure things out. There are thousands of free and paid channels to choose from. You can even use voice commands thanks to the Roku mobile app for your smartphone which allows you to speak commands. That means you can search for the title of something or an actor or director. It’s also smart home ready with support for Apple Home, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home.

A basic but pretty stylish 4K TV for the price, the Onn. 75-inch Frameless Roku Smart TV is down to just $448 at Walmart right now. If you’re keen to enjoy a large screen experience without spending a fortune, this is your chance to do so. Take a look at it now before the deal ends soon.

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