Don’t miss this clearance sale on Samsung OLED TVs — up to $1,900 off

Samsung S95D OLED
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Samsung makes some of the best TVs on the market, and if you’re looking to pick up a new high-end TV, then you’ll be happy to know that there are some excellent options in this Crutchfield sale. With four main models of Samsung TVs to pick from in different sizes, you could potentially save yourself up to $1,900 depending on the TV you want to go for, so be sure to check the complete sale using the button below. That said, if you can’t find a TV at a price that works for you, be sure to check out some of these other great TV deals as well.

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What you should buy in Crutchfield Samsung Sale

For starters, you have the QN90C lineup, which is one of the more affordable options in this sale and comes in various sizes from 55 inches to a whopping 83 inches, although the 55-inch version is sadly out of stock at the moment. Nonetheless, if you want to pick up one of the other sizes, you’ll be happy to know that it has an OLED display with Samsung’s proprietary Quantum Dot technology for better HDR, as well as HDR10+ and support for 4K upscaling so you can watch your older content. The middle-ground choice for size is probably this 65-inch QN65S90C, which is going for $1,498 rather than the usual $2,598, so you get $1,100 in savings.

Another solid option is the QN95C, which is one of the highest flagship models from last year that Samsung has to offer. Much like the QN90C, it’s a QLED TV with support for things like HDR10+, 4K upscaling, and Quantum Dot technology. It can also run 30% brighter and supports a whopping 144Hz refresh rate at 4K, which is rare for most TVs and excellent for those who want to game on a high-end gaming PC or console. While significantly more expensive at an MSRP of $3,298 for the 65-inch QN65S95C, you can get it for just $2,198 during the sale, which constitutes a similar $1,100 in savings.

Finally, we have the QN90D, which is Samsung’s latest flagship and a replacement for last year’s Q90C, and is essentially the top of its 4K lineup since there’s no newer replacement for the Q95C. In fact, it has a lot of the same specs as the Q95C, such as a 144Hz refresh rate at 4K, HDR10+, HLG HDR for those who want to watch sports, and a 4K upscaler so that you can watch older content. Unfortunately, though, the price discount isn’t as significant as other models; with the 65-inch QN65S90D only having $200 knocked off its $2,698 price tag to bring it down to $2,498, which still isn’t that bad for what you get.

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