Drivers try to corral scared dog running down busy highway, Ohio video shows. See it

Ohio traffic cameras captured footage of drivers attempting to rescue a dog running down Interstate 670, officials say.

“A dog took a jog on I-670 in Columbus Saturday afternoon,” the Ohio Department of Transportation said in an April 20 Facebook post, sharing several vantage points of the incident.

The dog can be seen running down the highway sometimes in the middle of the far right lane, at other times running in the breakdown lane, and even crossing three lanes to avoid the drivers’ attempts to rescue it, the video shows.

“Thanks to everyone who tried to corral it,” ODOT officials said. “We can’t imagine how scared that pup must have been!”

Several vehicles try to corral the dog off to the side of the highway, with some drivers getting out of their vehicles and chasing it on foot, video shows.

Transportation officials say they’re not sure where the dog came from or where it went.

McClatchy News reached out on April 22 to the Columbus Division of Police who was on scene for more information on the current whereabouts of the dog, but did not immediately hear back.

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