Eddie Hearn: Canelo could ‘chin’ Oscar De La Hoya at Jaime Munguia weigh-in

Eddie Hearn has warned that Saul “Canelo” Alvarez could ‘chin’ Oscar De La Hoya on Friday, when the former business partners next share a stage.

Canelo is due to box fellow Mexican Jaime Munguia on Saturday (4 May), with the latter promoted by De La Hoya, who previously represented Alvarez.

And on Wednesday, Canelo and De La Hoya engaged in a heated exchange at the press conference for the Las Vegas fight, with Alvarez referencing the former world champion’s alleged legal controversies.

Hearn, who has previously promoted Canelo and who has long feuded with De La Hoya, addressed the confrontation on Thursday, saying: “I think there’s a huge history between those two, it’s very bitter, and I think part of it is that hatred from Oscar to Canelo Alvarez.

“[Canelo] left [Golden Boy Promotions], they went to court, it really affected the business of Golden Boy, because Canelo was the flagship.

“And then there’s the element of trying to rattle Canelo Alvarez and make him get in a fight with Jaime Munguia, which I think is a really tough fight by the way. So yeah, it’s a shame, and obviously there’s a lot said about stealing money from fighters, and it’s not a good look. But it is what it is.

“You give me those two men [Canelo and De La Hoya], and I back Canelo Alvarez every day of the week. Proper, proper guy with great morals, great values, and a hell of a fighter. Both great fighters, but it’s really a relationship between those two that is not pleasant at all, because of things that have happened.

“[De La Hoya] is a complex guy, I think that’s the best way to describe him, but also he’s making noise – and sometimes the job of a promoter is to make noise. For Oscar, it’s very difficult – when you’ve been a pound-for-pound legend and a superstar of the sport – to not think you’re still a superstar of the sport.

Canelo (left) with Eddie Hearn, who has promoted the Mexican in the past (Getty Images)
Canelo (left) with Eddie Hearn, who has promoted the Mexican in the past (Getty Images)

“I think what he’ll always struggle to understand is: The fighters are the boss, and you do as you’re told [...] But also, sometimes I see him commenting on pictures of me, and I’m thinking: ‘Mate, you’re a pound-for-pound Hall of Famer, I’m just a chubby promoter winging it from Essex. Chill out, relax, enjoy your life. He’s putting on good fights, and he’s making noise, and noise is good.

“[But] I spoke to Canelo last night, and I think... I wouldn’t be surprised if he knocked him spark out at the weigh-in; Canelo will chin Oscar De La Hoya, he wouldn’t hesitate – would not hesitate.”

Canelo, 33, is set to defend the undisputed super-middleweight titles against Munguia, 27, on Saturday. The Mexicans will meet in a main event at T-Mobile Arena, as part of Cinco de Mayo weekend.

Canelo last fought in September, easing past Jermell Charlo after outpointing John Ryder in May. In Munguia’s last fight, in January, he stopped Ryder to herald the British boxer’s retirement.