Eddie Redmayne offered drinks by boozy Cabaret audience

Eddie Redmayne gets offered booze by drunk audience members during performances of 'Cabaret'.

The 42-year-old Oscar-winning actor plays the Emcee opposite Gayle Rankin, 34, as Sally Bowles in a new Broadway production of the musical at the August Wilson Theater - which has been transformed into a nightspot called the Kit Kat Club to host the show - and there have been reports of boozy audience members disrupting performances.

Eddie has now admitted he enjoys interacting with the tipsy theatre-goers. Speaking on Variety’s 'Stagecraft' podcast, he explained: "In [the opening number] 'Vilkommen', I’m trying to really pull this audience to a place of ecstasy and joy, so I love someone that I can interact with.

"And what has been known to happen is I get perhaps too interactive with people who I then realise, well, part of the reason they’re so interactive is because they’ve had a glass of Champagne too many."

He went on to reveal he's often handed drinks by the boozed up audience members. Eddie added: "I’ve also been offered a few drinks - and I’m never one to turn down a sip of Champagne during quite a workout of a number!"

However, Gayle insisted audience interaction hasn't been too much of an issue, adding: "It doesn’t feel like a chronic problem."

Theatre-goers are offered a free shot of schnapps when they enter the venue and reports have suggested the boozy atmosphere has led to rows and bad behaviour, with one audience member being ejected in April for walking up to the stage and grabbing Eddie's costume.

The actor later opened up about the incident, telling The Hollywood Reporter: "I was so in the scene that I actually don’t remember that. There was definitely someone who was a bit too eager who was clapping along to the rhythm of 'Mein Herr', and singing along a bit too vocally.

"We love a vocal and passionate audience, but there’s a line."

The show runs until the end of August.