This Eerie Clip From Demi Moore's Graphic New Body Horror Lets Us Know What We're In For

Margaret Qualley and Demi Moore in Cannes
Margaret Qualley and Demi Moore in Cannes CHRISTOPHE SIMON via Getty Images

Demi Moore and Margaret Qualley’s new body horror The Substance has been the talk of the Cannes Film Festival this year, generating some big reactions and receiving a standing ovation reported to have lasted as long as 13 minutes.

The Coralie Fargeat horror centres around an older actor in Hollywood, who uses a mysterious drug to create a “younger, more beautiful” version of herself.

So far, much has been made of the film’s graphic violence and nudity, which has generated plenty of conversation online.

Following The Substance’s premiere on Sunday, a first-look clip of the film has now been released, depicting Demi’s character as she’s first introduced to the drug that can create her supposed younger “clone”.

The 44-second teaser may be unnerving, but it doesn’t contain any of the graphic content that has already made The Substance such a stand-out at Cannes.

However, a newly-released still from the film does hint more at what viewers should expect, depicting a nude woman with stitches up her back lying on a floor, while a cloaked figure stands over her.

A chilling still from The Substance
A chilling still from The Substance Mubi

Earlier this week, Demi spoke about shooting some of her new project’s more challening scenes, admitting: “It was a very vulnerable experience and just required, I think, going into it with a sensitivity and a lot of conversation. I think finding that common ground of mutual trust [helps].”

Production company Mubi has confirmed that The Substance will be getting a cinema release here in the UK, although further information is yet to be released.