Emhoff says world ‘literally’ depends on Biden win in November

Emhoff says world ‘literally’ depends on Biden win in November

Second gentleman Doug Emhoff in a Sunday interview argued the significance of President Biden winning another term is so important, “the world depends” on it.

Emhoff made the comments during an interview on CBS “Sunday Morning,” after being asked if he ever thought about how he and Vice President Harris could move back to California if the election were lost, and everything would be “just fine.”

We’re going to win this election. We have to win this election. Literally. Our country, and our world depends on us winning this election,” Emhoff responded. “That’s what’s gonna happen.”

The top principals in the Biden administration have all argued throughout this election cycle the importance of being reelected.

Harris in April agreed with an interviewer who said the 2024 election could be the last democratic election in the U.S. She also earlier this year said she’s scared about the possibility of former President Trump winning back the White House in November, arguing that the idea of another Trump presidency is motivating her.

Additionally, first lady Jill Biden, in an appearance on ABC’s “The View” in May, talked about what she said is at stake this election, saying that she’s confident that “Americans are going to choose good over evil” in November.

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