Emily Blunt will be 'living with Ken forever'

Emily Blunt has joked she will be "living with Ken forever" because of a gift Ryan Gosling gave her daughters.

The 41-year-old actress recently revealed her 'Fall Guy' co-star handed over the celebratory flowers he received for guest hosting 'Saturday Night Live' to her and husband John Krasinski's children Hazel, nine, and seven-year-old Violet and the bouquet - which spells out the name of Ryan's 'Barbie' character - has been such a hit with the youngsters, they keep getting their friends over just to look at it.

Emily told 'Entertainment Tonight': "The roses are still in their playroom at home. It's this massive box of roses that spells 'KEN' and they're just so happy about it. I mean, they bring their friends over just to show them, you know?

"We will never be able to throw them out. And I'll just be living with Ken for forever."

Emily and Ryan had a great time working on 'The Fall Guy' but couldn't help but make one another laugh during filming.

Emily admitted: "Yeah, I mean, I think we're both really weak in that way. I don't know if we're very good at holding it together.

"But I like working with people like that. It makes it more fun."

The 'Jungle Cruise' actress revealed earlier this week Ryan had given her daughters flowers after she joined him on 'SNL' to say goodbye to their 'Barbie' and 'Oppenheimer' alter egos with a reimagined version of Taylor Swift's 'All Too Well'.

Speaking on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live', she said: "They are so obsessed with Ken. So, they did get to meet him finally.

"He popped over with [partner] Eva [Mendes] and the girls to say goodbye.

"They stayed in New York while he was doing 'SNL' and he brought them this massive box of roses that he had in his dressing room for SNL that spelled 'Ken.' And he just said to the girls, 'I just want to really thank you for all the support for Ken.' And they literally were like, [swooning]."

Ryan's own daughters, Esmeralda, nine, and seven-year-old Amada, are just as enthralled by Emily, who played the titular magical nanny in 'Mary Poppins Returns'.

He said: "My kids call her Mary Poppins. They're like, 'Are you working with Mary Poppins today?' "